Micro­electronics Mastery for Modern Innovation

Specialist in the assembly and micro-assembly of electronic components for more than 30 years, we bring our expertise and mastery of cutting-edge processes to serve our clients.

From the liberty of creative expression to the fulfillment of adhering to specified parameters, the progression from virtual concepts to tangible realities encompasses three stages: comprehension, adaptation, and realization.




Heart of Europe


ISO 9001:2015


ISO 13485:2016

Watch industry

Crafting precision microelectronics for the watch industry, combining tradition with modern technology for exquisite timepieces.


Specializing in the assembly of high-performance sensors, enabling accurate data collection and real-time monitoring across applications.


Revolutionizing industrial processes with precise microelectronic assembly for optimized performance and efficiency.

Medical / Pharma

Ensuring the highest standards in medical and pharmaceutical electronics, enhancing patient care and drug efficacy.


Delivering reliable microelectronics for aerospace applications, ensuring safety and performance in the most demanding environments.


Providing cutting-edge electronic solutions to secure and protect sensitive information and critical infrastructure.


Supporting academic research with custom microelectronic assemblies, driving innovation and discovery in various scientific fields.


At Hybrid SA, we specialize in mastering precise processes to meet the specific requirements of your project, from prototypes to large-scale production exceeding 100,000 units per year. Our goal is to ensure complete control and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The executive committee has for its mission: To create and maintain long-term jobs in our region for trained and qualified personnel. To meet the needs of customers by accessing the ingenuity of every employee.

The economic and industrial policy of Hybrid SA holds that respect for people and the environment are not negotiable. Hybrid SA sponsors social and environmental projects.

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