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With 30+ years of expertise in advanced assembly techniques, Hybrid SA excels in manufacturing high-tech electronic products. We meet customer needs with employee ingenuity and prioritize respect for people and the environment.

Hybrid SA is a key player in the microelectronics and microtechnology sectors since its founding by Mr. Gaille in 1989. The company has grown while maintaining its core values of excellence in project delivery.



Circuits per year

1 Million




In the heart of Europe

Manufacturing since 1989

Our History, Our Goals

Hybrid SA is strategically located on the Neuchâtel coast, nestled at the foot of the hills known as the cradle of microelectronics and microtechnology.

Founded in 1989 by Mr Gaille, Hybrid SA has grown steadily from 2 employees in 1989 to almost 60 in 2023, retaining the same principles at its core :

Excellence in solving and delivering projects for our customers.

In June 2021, the company underwent its second Management Buy-Out (MBO), continuing to uphold the values that have driven our success. We remain committed to continuously evolving and adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

  • Hybrid SA is an expert in manufacturing high-tech electronic products that require specific know-how.
  • We serve our customers by providing complete control of the production process and ensuring all requests and specific requirements are met.
  • Hybrid SA leverages its technological knowledge and ability to perform complex operations on high-quality products. This ensures that your products earn their place in an increasingly progress-oriented market driven by new technologies.

People-first approach

People-centric manufacturing

At Hybrid SA, we prioritize people-centric manufacturing, recognizing that human expertise is essential for crafting superior products. While automation enhances efficiency, it complements rather than contradicts our commitment to the human touch, which brings precision, care, and adaptability to our creations, meeting ever-evolving needs.

We prefer humans

People first

Quality at Hybrid SA

From embracing creativity to achieving precision within defined parameters, the journey from concept to reality encompasses three stages: understanding, adaptation, and execution.

Quality at Hybrid SA

The quality management system at Hybrid SA creates a controlled environment where products continually evolve. Through rigorous adherence to standards and proactive monitoring, we ensure high quality, reliability, and ongoing innovation.

Quality system certifications

Proudly certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, we uphold the highest industry standards, ensuring quality and reliability in every component we deliver.

enviro and social

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Hybrid SA‘s economic and industrial policy prioritizes non-negotiable respect for both people and the environment, with active sponsorship of social and environmental projects.









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