For 35 years, Hybrid SA has been embodying the essence of Swiss excellence in microelectronics assembly. As a leading EMS provider, we don’t just manufacture in Switzerland; we innovate, perfect, and redefine precision on a microscopic scale.

What does “Made in Switzerland” mean to us?

🔬 Unparalleled Precision: From SMT assembly of 01005 components to flip-chip and wirebonding, we push the boundaries of what’s possible in microelectronics.

⏱️ Swiss Timing: We understand that in our industry, every nanosecond counts. Our commitment to timely delivery is as precise as our assemblies.

🏅 Quality Beyond Compare: Our ISO 13485 certification is just the beginning. We specialize in high-complexity assemblies that demand nothing but the best.

🚀 Innovation That Reaches for the Stars: Our components don’t just stay on Earth – they’re on Mars, in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, and in cutting-edge medical devices and watches worldwide.

At Hybrid SA, “Made in Switzerland” isn’t just about geography. It’s about a commitment to excellence that’s recognized globally and even beyond our planet.

Precision. Quality. Innovation. Timing. That’s the Swiss way. That’s our way.

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