Die Bonding

Hybrid SA is able to Bond Chips of different size and thickness on different types of substrates.

Positioning accuracy and other product specifications are determined in collaboration with the client.

Technical Details

Die Bonding

  • Chips size: Side 0.2 - 10mm, Thickness 50µm
  • Substrates: Thick Film Ceramic, FR4, FR5, G10, G11, Rogers, Flex, Rigid Flex, IMS, Pyrex
  • Traceability: Wafer Mapping
  • Positionning Accuracy: Standard +/-30µm, Specific +/-15µm
  • Adhesives: Conductive - Non-Conductive, Silicone
  • Packaging: Wafer up to 8'', Waffle Pack 2''-4'', Gelpack
  • Adhesive Application: Stamping, Dispensing, Silk Screen Printing


Die Bonding - Technical Details

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