Gold Bumping

Hybrid SA is able to place gold stud bumps on chips, showcasing our advanced microelectronics assembly capabilities. This precise process involves creating small gold bumps on the bond pads of semiconductor chips, enabling flip-chip bonding and other advanced packaging techniques

Whether for high-frequency devices, optoelectronics, or cutting-edge MEMS technology, our gold stud bumping service provides a versatile and high-quality interconnect solution for modern microelectronic designs.

Technical Details

Gold Bumping

  • Diameter: 60µm - 120µm
  • Height: 45µm - 60µm
  • Cadence: Up to 35 Bumps/Sec

Type of bump

  • Standard Bump
  • Accu Bump
  • Stacked Bump

Bumping on

  • Wafer up to 12''
  • Blue Foil
  • Sawn Wafer
  • Single Chip


Gold Bumping - Technical Details

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